Ended up with soft gold covered the 40-year-old housewife stories

I have covered their experiences, with soft gold.
Below is the story of the survivors.
It is a 40-year-old housewife, soft gold simple misunderstanding.
Had been mistaken, but did you know the word “gold” homepage “company is a soft gold’ large written, and wouldn’t do something like that so-called malicious gold and is beginning.
Phone numbers starting with 090, landlines, not cell phone;
Regretful or thought by now why suspect at that point.
Tries to call and no name originally, say “Yes, who will?”.
To tell you I saw your homepage and your name age, address and asked the amount of borrowing from the current competitors.
Answer honestly, 2 million yen’s total debt and “impossible, introduced from cousin in here I cannot lend it” and also was appointed to another phone number.
Financing and be contacted on the following telephone number and ok.
Had to borrow only 100000 Yen fee and would draw away % interest per month from 90000 Yen to transfer.
Quickly go to the banks and other deposit has been.
In the past week came to repayment date.
And tell you that you want to pay off the “procedures become necessary for when you pay off a week ago heard need” it is from.
Said it will pay off next week, we have to pay only the interest.
Has paid off in the next week, but was easily off rim.
Spoke and managed, could easily pay off, but actually feel fear in the key point key point story came out.
You can’t contact the pay off comes in the week 1 percent was deducted from the loan amount payment date is a week ago originally for consumer finance.
And even more to talk about.
Information by using the soft gold that did address a home landline phone enrollment confirmation from gold like there seemed to be a pay off in sales calls from various gold sold for?
Should be careful about is that there is danger in that payment as a loan account has been known.
In soft gold is gold.
Only in the presence of fear.
No kidding!
Of themselves looking for gold?
People can’t help wanting to borrow by underwent total pollutant load control on lenders, consumer finance has increased.
It is gold in there this year.
Rent a while knows there’s gold. Do you know whether it will be any fear?
In total personal has limits can be borrowed from moneylenders and up to one-third of the salary.プロミス 須賀川