Is cancelled! : Office to borrow money

[Cancel a rejection reason, higher] rarely exceeding 10% approval rate of today’s mid-sized consumer finance website, continuously studying each consumer loan approval rate is.
In the last 3 years or so of the approval rate of mid-sized consumer finance figures almost no change, so continue, seems that it remained at a single-digit approval rate mid-sized consumer finance.
Main causes and rejected (1) total control over (2) detention and legal accident (3) out of competition (each consumer depends on criteria.
For example many companies have age restrictions, limited term employment.
), Is given.
However, the reason for rejection is “cancelled” and also to tell the truth, quite often you know.
There is a story that amounts to nearly 2% of the whole issue becomes the “cancellation” in a mid-sized consumer finance staff once the accepted application, but is is.
[Difference cancellation and cancellation: there are 2 types of cancellation.
(1) cancellation cancellation due to applicant (2) treats these two are similar words, but the meaning is clearly different.
Cancel due to the applicants, for example, is normal cancellation “with the convenience of money. the requested amount of the loan not received, such things.
Refers to the project for the “cancelled” and broken off contact with applicants in the course of the examination, for your convenience, decided to cancel.
It is often has high ratio of “cancelled” but to tell the truth, the same scene of the mid-sized consumer finance, cancel that.
[There is shame cancelled] so they are cancelled in what circumstances had it?.
Potential offeror secretly until the investigation there is no specification is that (1) is not as confused and ended up wondering whether you borrow but signed up for (3) rejection didn’t contact you want to cancel, so tired (2).
In this (1), equivalent to cancellation by applicants, so cancelled no problem I think, (2) and (3) of the cancelled the a waste too.
It becomes cancelled from phone numbers not well received an email of the results, do not know many people, after all, not the contact person’s very lustful.

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