About the overdue repayment of caching

What happens when the overdue repayment of caching?
Really overdue and there are big risks.
Thorough explanation at this time delays and detention risks what to do should be about! “Overdue repayment of caching, and specifically what will happen!?
“You have a lot people who have worries.
Actually one day overdue repayment of caching and may affect life plans.
Also due to caching repayment arrears to the credit information flawed, and will 組menaku home mortgage or car loan.
It is absolutely want to avoid such a situation.
We introduce risk I came into it and arrears in the past, a thorough investigation was affected due to the delay caused by the overdue repayment of caching, and so coping.
It is possible to deal with the strike also in coping with the risks associated with the overdue repayment of caching will follow up if you look here, it delayed repayment.
So let’s start immediately to overdue repayment of caching and risk.
Absolutely not!
Explain that what would happen by the overdue repayment of caching, caching is overdue and tarnished credit information.
Is large, there are three.
(1) limit the use of the card, such as penalty will have to pay the compensation due to the delay would hurt credit information (2) (3) this section is to (1) for description will continue.
(2) (3) for the under Description, so we also don’t miss please! And tarnished credit information?
That history remains first and credit information that interacts with the financial (loans company etc).
The use of caching and pay with a credit card, that history is recorded credit information every time.
And happens the payment arrears and will be scratched credit information as noted above. What would happen if tarnished?
It under for more information continue to learn! How much overdue and tarnished?
Depends on each financial company is basically 2-3 months payment is overdue and credit information will be scratched.
That said, thinks “it’s okay if one day long overdue” is important!
And subsequent detention to repeat flawed credit information in one day.
Be careful caching arrears become a habit!

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