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While working part-time in a brief self introduction electric shop on Amazon resell the FX.
Take-home pay at the time had about 600000 150000 weakness in leading consumer finance loans.
Why sharks 30 prevailed first FX trading did two years ago, I wanted to borrow money with money or borrow gold from about a year ago, defeat was blown off the funds whole.
Money borrowed from the major consumer finance has not touched during that time.
And the State is now full with the loss and tried hard, slurping and lost, finally unable to borrow from anywhere.
Just when his low salary in “freeter” in it, thinking about how somehow hard to return the borrowed amount in a return to chance has appeared on FX.
With overseas FX into my FX account abroad from FX Trader of foreign mail “If within three days after 50000 deposit 150000 bonus provide you with it”.
150000 bonus with 50000 payment if not total 200000!
The chance may be replaced if it borrowed in the consumer-all!
Make money, somehow.
But the decision expires 3 days, borrow money from mangekyou and friends was very bad, because after the gold but not in.
It is stupid.
Another losing spree was completely paralyzed mind.
I borrow that payday was just around the corner, so if 50000 never returned from that.
And borrow from someone’s acquaintance with gold how do I chose the company because it was.
A close acquaintance of the year still was I okay?.
But things and try to call again kicked the world of darkness.
And dark gold supplier isn’t the thing.
But where asked for their FX chance won’t want to miss in any way safe places money from gold, “you’d be soft gold.
I think it’s okay now soft dark gold out of 10, with about 3% rented from “with you. Know the soft Gold Soft Gold! What is it?
There are many soft gold and try to search on the Internet came out.
And-that’s good!
But he said when it comes to contracts and then someone one acquaintance’s phone number please fill.
This is done at one blow I was.Not wish to involve friends and I.
A lot if a strange wind handled the phone number of a friend from quitting.
Soft dark money withdrawal.
Said that if the originator gold and perfectly what the friend’s phone number and do not know and it’s useless.
But I just wanted to make money, earlier called the original way to Gold contacts to notify any information other than their own, borrow money and called again.
Then original know gold is “I-, 00 shop there in dark gold seller I know I’m doing, but my referral if okay. Mr. Yamada (pseudonym) that you can call the person who I’m. But I return?
5 percent in 10 days.
But naturally I’m guarantor becomes like it (laughs) “without any problems, thanks for heeding the small amount of 50000 salary close to my situation he was felt.
Caching for more details telephone number to the emergency call to Mr. Yamada.
Yamada “is not too and also the” you’ll feel pretty normal to scraping and was the voice of Uncle.
His “Oh, say 00 had been lending phone 00 you about (his). What now? “Yamada”, introduction of 00? Uh, Oh, Yes, please wait a minute, I got-and how much is enough? “My” like 50000, but OK?
“Yamada” Oh, okay. 5 percent in 10 days I’m okay?
“My”I am fine”Yamada” well arrears occurs as of 10 days so be careful it withdraws before pulling 5 percent interest when pay accounts with it, so “bend!!
What is it!
Then in the 振rikmi of the 25,000 yen enough?!
Was agitated state of mind.
His “Oh, Hey, wait. Want to 50,000 yen is deposited into the account for “Yamada” well okay but it becomes that the loan of 100000 Yen??
“My” Yes, it’s fine. and so was the amount of salary to pay., to say what I did.
It is stupid.
No at all should be OK.
But I have to say. Yamada “is okay, can you tell me email address?
“My” Yes, x x x x @ x x x x is “Yamada” sends the email, so please follow the email reply.
Turn off the phone once it “their” Yes OK, excuse me “think calmly and impure in later I was instantly drawn 50000 I don’t feel as waiting for an email.Please reply with the contents of the email, name, address, telephone number, and telephone number of the bank account, business contact please reply, I, I replied.
And also after 30 minutes as I reply.
(Squeezed now because next week, 00 to pay please.
To this bank account is also later contacted them) now know about it was pretty smart to able to interact with staff. < Articles &gt; consumer finance rates from major in wildlife list compared based on borrowed money and then what happened?
According to the account was credited.
I instantly credited to FX account.
Reflect the bonus, a whopping 200000.
Although the bonus 150000 rig the hoist is not one game went out because it anyway can be 200000 trade.
Pretty focused, waiting for chance to won, and after two days.
Plus 230000 more.
So with tears indeed at this time so I was happy. I-do you still do?
But rented to stop truly dark gold Bouillon, tried once.
Then safely withdraw.
Fund 50000 and win the total 280000-230000!
Repayment date 1 day ago from came email from Yamada.
It is about your account email.
I immediately transferred to its account 100000 yen.
And e-mailed payment confirmation e-mail. Mr. Yamada.
That and then from Mr. Yamada also contact when you need a loan.
We finished the Exchange. Vicious collection < articles &gt; consumer loans by can sue?
(Compiled by) black is good for those who are considering the use of money advice debt better.
I had a bonus yet, it is 5 percent feel pretty lost.
If you were to go through 6 percent and 10 percent further than many seem to be from.
I think my dark gold borrowing through the acquaintance had had no trouble issues.
It seems in some cases heard fine told the repayment account, be unable to repay.
I forgot this is the position in the huge interest in that manga-like scenario still seems to be.
It seems sure if you should meet to make this first and foremost lawyers consult.
I thought to myself through this experience from this that this is absolutely no funds management, life management thoroughly to take care of day to day life a living.